Non-recognized CD to Connect

Trying to get a feel for what happens in Connect, vs Music Collector.

If I have an obscure CD whose data is not in Core, how do I get it into my collection? In MuC I can scan to get tracks and times, CDID, etc., and usually find a tracklist and cover art somewhere to ease the data entry. What would be the process for entering an unrecognized CD in Connect?

Indeed Music Connect can not access your disc drive to scan a CD.

For Music Connect we recommend typing in the Cat. No. - as usually the discs can be found on Discogs, and the “By Cat. No.” searches that through the catalog number.

The catalog numbers can be found usually on the spine of a CD jewel case - and the chance is high that you can find it.

And if that also fails, your best bet is to just add it manually (Add Manually in the Add screen, top right) and type in the track details for that album.

I have to say again: Music Connect is not some “black box”.
Everyone can start a free 7 day trial and just try it for a bit :slight_smile:

As I said, just trying to get a feel for the differences. I asked the question rather than trying Connect out because I’ve uplinked all of those obscure CDs to Core by now. So, just asking because the day may come when Connect is my best option.

That’s what I was after - whether there’s any alternative to manual entry once the links are exhausted. Now I know. Thanks.