Not sure if this is an error


Yesterday, after replacing the Standard US Black icons with colored icons, I download Movie Connect to try it out. In looking through it, I went and looked at the information for Alien vs Predator and was curious about the Rating Icons as for that film I have a combine PG-13 and Not Rated icon as the blu-ray has both the theatrical and an unrated version. I clicked on the rating drop down to see if I could select my combined ratings/icons. Now I expected that the actual icons created by me were not going to be available, but wanted to see if they were there to select and they were.

At that point I went back to my desktop and synced my collection and noticed that I had a couple of downloaded syncs. After that was complete I looked at Aliens vs Predator and my Icon was not showing but just the wording for the rating. When I looked at the Ratings list, the icons for the PG-13/Not Rated had been removed. I also had looked at a documentary that had no rating and touched it, which I had added my Not Rated entry and that also disappeared.
As you can see, the small rating icon on the left now shows the blue folder which is what shows if there is no icon file selected.

I also have some combined Format Icons, so this morning I went into Connect and looked at Conan The Barbarian from 2011 and changed my format from Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray to Blu-ray only, saved it and then went back to put it back to my created format.
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After I sync they changes, the format Icon was ok, but you can now see how my colored Rating of R has changed to just the wording and if I look at the Audience Rating list, the icon for the R rating has been cleared.


As I said, I don’t know if this is an error, but if this is going to happen when I add/update films in Connect and then sync my desktop, I don’t want to have to contentiously re-set my added Ratings.


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Hi @Talut

The Audience Rating field is a bit of a special field.

In your first screenshot I could not see the “name” of the “R” rating - just a few pixels of the red icon you added.

I would like to see a video of this change happening during one of your syncs, and I also want to see your Update Settings screen.

You can record your screen via this website:

You can send me the file(s) via:

I would like a screenshot:
In the main screen, click “Tools > Options”. Then click on “Data and Images”.
Then click the button “Download settings for data and images” and make a screenshot of that entire screen.

Requested Video and Screenshots sent.



So in your screenshot it looks like you have Audience Rating set to “always replace”.

Can you set that to either “Update empty fields only” or set it to “Leave as is” and see if the problem goes away for you?

That worked! Changed the drop down to “Leave as is”.


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