Notes field problem


The information stored in the Notes field differs (for some movies) between the App and Connect after syncing.

In the App, I use emojis in the Notes for visual purposes and after some testing I believe this causes the problem. I only use 2 emojis (:cd: and :heavy_minus_sign:) and the problem occurs with :cd: but NOT with :heavy_minus_sign:. All info entered after :cd: vanishes in Connect.

Is it possible to add better support for use of emojis in Connect? Or am I doomed to use plain text in the Notes? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You are correct, the problem is emojis: you can type them in, in the mobile app, but they do not sync with CLZ Cloud.

This is on our ideas list, but has not made the cut yet.

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Thanks, that sounds great :slightly_smiling_face: