Now live in Comic Connect: A new Check Value screen – quickly check CovrPrice values without having to add the comic to your database first

Up until today, the CovrPrice integration has been all about getting values for the comics in your collection. Super useful of course, but… since launch (back in October 2022), a common question from CovrPrice subscribers has been:

“How can I quickly check the value of a comic that is not in my collection?”

And they’re right. There’s other situations in which you may want to check a comic’s actual value, e.g. when you are looking at a comic you may want to buy.

Until now, our recommendation has always been: “Either use the website, OR, create a “Temp” collection in your app and add the comic there so that you can see the value”.

But not anymore! Your Comic Connect software now includes a new “Check Value” screen, that lets you quickly check a value of a comic, either by scanning its barcode, or by using the super-fast issue search. Just set it to Raw or Slabbed, pick a grade and go!

New Check Value screen

To use the “Check Value” screen, open the menu and choose “Check Value” from the CovrPrice section. Super useful when checking eBay for your missing issues, or when browsing through the dollar bin at your LCS!

Check value by Issue:

Enter (part of) the series title and the issue number (e.g. “Amazing 300”), then pick the one you own.

Check value by Barcode:

Or, use our CLZ Scanner app to scan the comics’s barcode and bam, there’s the value!


A work of art as usual

I love you.

I just effing love that I’m paying for an excellent app and service and I love that you listen and actually work hard. If every company had your standards, the world we live in would be so much better.

So yeah, just thank you.


This is beyond great - THANK YOU for this awesome new feature.


Unfortunately, that is not showing up at all on my screen. In fact I have lost several functionalities including updating values.

You do not see Check Value or Update Values in the menu of Comic Connect?