Number of Discs

Here’s one: Granted, this could apply to any of the Music platforms but it occurred to me while editing online.

Is there a way to, when designating a digital file’s tracks, eliminate the concept of a ‘disc’? I have quite a few albums that are digital but aren’t physical. My disc count is therefore off.

I know it’s a long shot…

I use the format field to separate CD, digital file and vinyl. And then it shows me the correct nubmbers for each in the statistics.

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I’m afraid it is indeed not possible to get rid of that concept right now.

Thinking of alternatives for your request: you would be able to create a second collection and just put your digital albums in there.

Advantage: your physical collection’s count will be correct for discs, because Statistics is “per collection”.

Disadvantage: you can not “search” across both collections and there is no statistics for both collections together

Another alternative is to set your quantity field of that digital album to 0, which would make the discs not count in statistics but… then the album would be completely gone from statistics. Not exactly great either.

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Thanks for the replies. I figured this would be the way to go so I will go that way.

May we assume that you don’t use the disc count for anything practical, like, for instance, counting discs? When I first began acquiring music tracks independently of discs, I just began thinking of the disc as a concept - a virtual container that sometimes takes the form of a round thing on the shelf over there.

There are now occasions when a “disc” has 60 tracks - unlikely to happen on one of those thingies on the shelf. Now none of us would be here posting if we weren’t in that 0.5% of hopeless obsessives, so no point in wondering if there’s anything “practical” in knowing how many of our discs are physical, and how many are virtual, so I’m in no position to criticize anyone for being anal.

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Here’s a thought. If you ignore that the playlist is contained under a CD header, you can use the format as MP3. flac, aac etc as appropriate and give the packaging as File. This will allow you to search all ‘File’ occurences which will give you a count of digital music in your collection. Reversely, when you search for CD you will exclude the digital stuff and get an accurate result for the CD head count.
:joy: :joy:MY BAD, you can only sort by format not by packaging. However, you can use the Location field and put the word file in there along with the disc drive ID where the file is kept. That way, when you search on ‘File’, you will find them all regardless of format.

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This is a great idea. I am already using it. I didn’t put two and two together. Thanks.

Sorry for the initial wrong steer please see my amended text. You can use the format for every different type of file, packaging as File and the location as File on Drive X for instance. I’ve just tried this and I edited 4 albums together and entered the location as File on Drive H and it found those 4 only when I searched with the word ‘File’.
Thanks for bringing this question to the forum, it has inspired me to use the location field myself for the same purpose as you proposed.