The ocean’s trilogy 4k icon is not right all the other 7333018030008

Hi Globus,
Everything seems to be fine in CORE. What exactly is wrong with this movie collection?

Its not the move collection ther the problem its the trilogy icon ther not corract all the other is fine the icon is not like the other

What exactly is wrong with the icon?
Could you post a screenshot of the wrong icon here?

Here’s what I’m seeing on your Movie Connect page:

That what i see try to add it again ore how do you update that icon

With “icon”, are you referring to the COVER IMAGE?

The one in left cover

We have the right one already in Core, but updating the image in your app will not replace it (that is not something the app can do right now)

Can you try removing all 3 movies from that box set from your collection, then, add the box set again? Does it download the correct cover image for the box set then?

I try that

all the icon is right now just not the one in movie collector ther is no icon ther just a x is ther a why to fix that

Stil confused about “icon”, sorry.

All of the cover image is right but the stealbook cover image is just a x in the movie collector is ther a way to fix that

Have you done Update from Core there yet?

Yes it happen evry time

Can you show me a screenshot of that “X” ?


Can you do this:

In your WINDOWS version:

  1. remove the 3 movies

  2. Open menu Edit > Manage Pick Lists

  3. Go to “box set”

  4. Find Ocean’s Trilogy and remove any entries you see.

  5. Now add the box set once again, and see if it downloads correctly this time?

it did it evry time

got a work around

We changed something in our Core, can you try my steps again?