OneDrive messes up my settings

Good morning, decided to try out OneDrive and it messed around with my default folders. OneDrive is disabled now for good but I no longer can see my filters and the basic layout. I pointed the ‘Settings Files’ directory to the main CLZ directory, where filters.xml is located but to no avail. Open for suggestions :slight_smile:

When you change your “Settings Files” directory, it will just use that folder to save the “current set of filters” XML file, in that location (for instance).

If you had an old filters.xml file with all kinds of filters, then you should search your entire computer for filters.xml and see if you can locate it. You might notice by file size if you have the right one.

It might already have been overwritting with an empty filters.xml file though…

If you find it, do this:

  1. Make sure Comic Collecor is CLOSED.
  2. Make a copy of the found filters.xml file so you have a backup.
  3. Place it in the settings file folder you designated
  4. Then start the program.

Good morning, AJ. Of course, I did not wait for your valued instructions and managed to overwrite my filters.xml file. But I did have a backup file on another computer, so all is good here. Huge thanks for the instructions nonetheless - possibly they come in handy next time. Have a nice day!

Oh that is awesome, good to hear you kept a backup!

I advise to backup ALL XML files in your settings folder, just do it like once a month if you make a lot of changes to it. Just grab them all, put them in a ZIP, and backup. Or backup the entire Comic Collector folder monthly of course :slight_smile:

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