[Ongoing] Archie Submissions

“Chilling Adventures Presents: Jinxs A Cursed Life” should probably be “Chilling Adventures Presents: Jinx: A Cursed Life”

The “s” at the end of “Jinxs” shouldn’t be there and makes it harder to find.

“Archie Halloween Spectacular” now has 2023H. That is a duplicate of “Archies Halloween Spectacular 2023” #1Y. I think the lack of apostrophe in “Archies” makes that series not pop up right away.

Chilling Adventures Presents: The Cult of that Wilkin Boy

Back cover (for all below):

Mellow Fellow Exclusive cover by Beth Zwolski Tobias Regular:

Metal (limited to 20):

Mellow Fellow Exclusive cover by Bill Galvan:

The metal limited to 15:

Chilling Adventures Presents: Jinx - Grim Fairy Tales

Dan Parent cover

Betty & Veronica: Friends Forever - Sleepover

Cover by Dan Parent. All use the same back cover.

The virgin edition of 1A.

The metal edition (limited to 20):

The wood (limited to 1):

The back cover:

Chilling Adventures of Salem

The virgin cover to 1H. By Bill Galvan. Also, the back cover to 1H is poorly trimmed. It uses the same back cover as the virgin edition.

Betty: The Final Girl

Metal version of 1C (Bill Galvan), limited to 31

“Happy Horrordays”

A couple of things with this. First, the cover and indicia read “Horror Days” (two words). Next, the existing entries have inconsistent naming (three are just the variant but “D” is issue 0).

Then, the variants by Bill Galvan. The virgin regular cover:

The metal limited to 50:

The back cover (the same for both):

Archie & Friends: Hot Rod Racing

The “virgin” variant to 1A by Stephen Butler:

An Andrew Pepoy variant:

The back cover to both:

@Reinharc, Everything has been added and correct. Let me know if I can help with anything else. However we do not add Ltd. under 5 to Core.

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Makes sense on the Ltd. to under 5. I’m pretty sure some wood and other special such covers are listed. Should I note those as I go (for consistency)? Like “Archie & Friends: All Action” #1K? It’s Ltd. 3.

Archie’s Valentine’s Spectacular 2023

This is a metal Dan Parent “The Comic Corner” exclusive (like 1M, but this is limited to 10):

Betty and Veronica: Friends Forever - Fairy Tales

First, note the series name is misspelled. It has Veronice (with an “e” at the end).

Sam Payne cover, limited to 200 per the COA. Great Wall of Comics exclusive.

World of Archie Double Digest #139

Here is the actual cover to replace the promo cover

Archie’s Something Else
$0.49 Variant

No need to report the limited under 5. I will have a look at them when I encounter them.

All have been added.

Chilling Adventures Presents: Strange Science

Cover artist: Bill Galvan
Cover date: September 2023

Regular cover (limited to 150):

Foil cover (limited to 30):

Metal cover (limited to 12):

Back cover (same for all):

Shall I make a request here to get ‘Archie Comics: Judgment Day’ added as a new series?


Chilling Adventures Presents: Weirder Mysteries.

There is a foil cover of 1G, limited to 50.

So 1G is the paper cover, 1H is the virgin edition, 1I is the metal. That leaves the missing foil cover.

The foil doesn’t scan well – it looks just like 1G (same front and back cover).