[Ongoing] Archie Submissions

Similarly, there is a foil edition to Chilling Adventures Presents: The Cult of that Wilkin Boy #1J.

So 1J is the paper, 1K is the metal (limited to 15) and we need a foil limited to 25.

Here is the actual cover for World of Archie Double Digest #140

Here is the newsstand version of the cover for B&V Friends Double Digest Magazine #214

Here is the cover to Archie Showcase Digest #18 to replace the promo cover you have.

Archie Showcase Digest #18

Here is an actual cover to replace the promo cover.

B&V Friends Double Digest Magazine #214.

Here is the missing Newsstand cover

Sonic the Hedgehog, Vol. 2 #226B SDCC Exclusive Variant

Cover art provided by Sega

Missing cover for “Betty & Veronica: Friends Forever - Fairy Tales.” First, note that “Veronica” is misspelled in the series name in the Core…

You can see more at this site

Cover art is by Scott and Ken Sumi.

There is a regular limited to 250, a foil limited to 25 and a “Magma foil” limited to 5. All look the same when scanned…

It seems “Archie Comics: Judgment Day” is already in Core. I will overview it for exclusives tho.

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All reported comics have been added.

Thanks @Taco! I grabbed the David Nakayama one which is gorgeous!

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“The Cult Of That Wilkin Boy - Initiation”.

There is a virgin cover to B by Robert Hack and a holo foil (limited to 25). Both look the same when I scan them… I’ll include a listing from the Archie store for the foil…

I’d like to get every Canadian Price Variant added to core, but very few have photos available. I’m only collecting two specific Archie series, one of which only has 3 CPV issues, and the other has approx 19 CPV issues, but there are several hundred total issues to be added, overall. What’s the best way to go about getting them all added?

Hey @cyrano0521, We are aware of the many missing Archie CPV’s. Some time ago I got a huge stack of images from another user. I am still working through those. If you like to submit these books I request to collect the images, and send them to me in a wetransfer file.

Seems this exclusive has already been added in the meantime.

There’s an Exorcist homage to Chilling Adventures Presents: Jinx a Curse Life.

Cover artist is Scott McFarland

Paper limited to 100.

Metal limited to 20.

Back cover for both.

There’s a foil variant to Happy Horror Days #1I, limited to 25.

“Betty and Veronica Friends Forever Game On”

First, note that “Veronica” is misspelled in the series name in the Core.

Then, there are some missing variants.

There is a “The Comic Corner” exclusive by Dan Parent. The paper is limited to 150 (per their website). They also list a foil and metal, but no indication of the print run.

Then, there is another variant by Dan Parent. The paper is limited to 150, the foil to 50 and the metal to 20. The paper and foil appear the same when scanned.

Game On Foil

Archie Vs The World

There is a metal version of 1F, limited to 30.

Betty & Veronica Friends Forever - Rock and Roll

There’s a metal variant to #H that is limited to 20.