[Ongoing] Archie Submissions

Betty & Veronica, Vol. 1, #267

(they have begun making foil and metal covers from older comics now)

There is a Foil version of the Fiona Staples cover, limited to 30, a metal limited to 12 and a “Marble Metal” limited to 5. All use the same back cover. These all have December 2023 in the indicia.

There is a foil variant for each of AA, AB and and AC in Archies Halloween Spectacular 2023.

Each is by Sajad Shah and each limited to 50.

Archie & Friends Hot Summer Movie:

There is a metal version of 1S, limited to 15.

I just noticed in “Archie & Friends: Blockbuster Movies”, there are the Purple Ronnie covers.

Is there another round of those? The ones I have are “Betty & Veronica: Friends Forever - Sleepover” and are indexed in that series.

There are two missing variants to “Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe of Horrors: Fresh Meat.”

Both use the same back cover.

The first is by Scott McFarland.

The second is just the Archie logo, foil limited to 30.