[Ongoing] Kickstarter Projects

Title : Persuasion
Issue #5
Creator/Writer/Artist : Ryan Kincaid
Colors : Sigmund Torre and Takako Sono
Publisher : Ryan Kincaid Exclusives
Release: June 2024

Cover F - Zork

Cover H - Rocco

Cover J - Chaz

image (3)

Kickstarter Backers: 753

TITLE: The Not Forgotten Anthology
FORMAT: Graphic Novel/TPB
1 | Writer: Jon Morris, Jeff Leeds, Omar Morales, Gabriel Moore-Topazio, Eric Esquivel, Kevin Cuffe, Angi Ahlers, Maximilien Weinstein, Dave Harding, Jason Inman, Miike, Jared Rosmarin, Casey Desilets, Jeffrey Bridges, Susan Bridges, Martin Dunn, Matt D. Wilson, Ashley Victoria Robinson, Paul T. Pale, Rica March, Andrew Steers, Edwin Lopez, Derik Hefner, Mikael Lopez, Kevin Buckley, Matt Harvey, Andrew Farago, Will Bolt, Damon Scott.
2 | Artist: Jon Morris, Marco Maccagni, Angela Fato, Joel Cotejar, Einar Másson, Ryan Cody, Ricardo Lima Jr., Dylan Vermeul, Nathan Shorts, Malcolm Johnson, Matt Harding, Jonathan La Mantia, Nick Robles, Greg Manzie, Eugene R. Young, Montana Manalo, Ramon Villalobos, Casey Desilets, Leonie O’Moore, Dee Fish, Mike Foss, Rodrigo Vargas, Morgan Beem, Andres Olvera, Jerry Gaylord, Rica March, Ha Huy Hoang, Andrew Steers, Robert B. “Bobby Trauma” Matuluko, Derik Hefner, Kristian Bay Kirk, Kevin Buckley, Sinclair Klugarsh, Josef Sison, Cassidy Morgan.
3 | Cover Artist: James Harren
4 | Letterer: DC Hopkins, Jaymes Reed, Ryan Cody, Shawn M. Greenleaf, Micah Myers, Taylor Esposito, Zakk Saam, Josh Krach, Paul T. Pale, Pernelope R. Gaylord, Derik Hefner, Sandra Rós Björnsdóttir, John Hageman, Matt Hebb.
5 | Editor: Matt Harding, Einar Másson, Sara Marie Parks, Jeff Leeds, Aly Dunn.
6 | Colorist: Valentina Pucci, Paula Goulart, Einar Másson, Fred C. Stresing, Aljosa Tomic, Andres Olvera, Esther Pimentel, Anne-Marie Webb, Sandra Rós Björnsdóttir, John Hageman.
PRICE: 19.99
BARCODE: 978069293378751999
GENRE: Anthology, Superhero
PLOT: The Golden Age of comics. The 1900’s brought the creation of Superheroes. Revolutionary, creative, and unchained from decades of precursors, their stories exploded into the market by the hundreds. With an endless horizon and bottomless ambition, the future seemed bright. But all good things must come to an end, and fate came for the age of heroes. Like ghosts drifting into the unknown, they disappeared one after another. The brave explorers of American superhero mythology became wayward relics lost in time, waiting for anyone to simply dig them back up again. With the copyrights lapsed and publishers bankrupted, their futures seemed dim.
But wait! From the darkness comes a glorious revival! The heroes RETURN! With the help of the industry’s top comic talent, right here in this anthology the forgotten heroes are revitalized for the innovated world! From Atomic Tot to Moon Girl, these heroes are back and better than ever! With over 40 artists creating more than 20 brand new stories, this book has a hero for every occasion. The Golden Age returns, the horizon once again endless, and the heroes of old are NOT FORGOTTEN.
COUNTRY: United States
COLOR: Color

@CLZ_Rowdy is anyone looking at this post?

Not really.
The comments from @AndyChinery above caused us to think about whether we should spend the time adding kickstarters at all.
We are seriously considering to remove this thread and forget about kickstarters completely, UNLESS some title happens to become very big.


@CLZ_Alwin I guess it would create an issue with the KS already in core. For instance Thorn listed above has been added already because it was posted separately, Persuasion already has listings for #1 to #5, Impossible (the first in this thread) has also had one version added.

KS seems to be an increasingly popular option even for big publishers… do you ignore for instance all future Coffin Comics releases… a big market?

Not an easy call at all i appreciate.

As I said above:

I don’t see why that would create an issue?

I guess people look for consistency.

You either add or you dont, its your database, you get to decide. :slight_smile:

So you are saying we should remove all existing kickstarter projects from the database?

Why does it have to be so black and white?

I didnt say that, just that whatever you chose to do is your choice.

But it would seem odd to me to not continue to add to existing series that have already started.

As for being black and white… who is the gatekeeper for what gets added and what doesn’t?.. im sure users just want clarity. Otherwise people will continue to propose books to be added and you’ll just be disappointing a proportion of users.

But we can still add to those existing series, right?

It’s not like there are thousands of users reporting missing kickstarters here.

But if it is clarity you are looking for… okay, here it is…
We will not add any new kickstarter series anymore.


Absolutely fine, you might as well delete this post and put up a new one saying ‘Please don’t Submit Kickstarters’ then :slight_smile:

You do get very defensive!!

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The more I have thought about this, it makes sense not to add KS to core (anymore).

99% of the KS I back are between 100-300 backers. I think it’s better to not muddy the waters with an in-between rule of a minimum of 500 backers (or something similar). Keep core for the commercially distributed books.

It doesn’t stop individuals adding KS to their personal CLZ databases.

Adding stuff to core is mainly to prevent others having to manually add books. But KS are hardly high volume, so it doesn’t feel like much of hardship.

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I was hoping that we could be a bit more flexible and still do the really big kickstarter projects. But since that is apparently too confusing, then “no kickstarters” it is.

I don’t think I am being defensive. I am just surprised that when I said
“We are seriously considering to forget about kickstarters completely”,
… basically saying “we have not decided yet”…
you immediately started to push me towards a hard black and white decision.

@AndyChinery thank you.

The blanket, black-and-white rule is somewhat frustrating, especially in light of the massive G.I. Joe Kickstarter currently happening.

I share AndyChinery’s initial thoughts about other books with low print runs; in addition to variants and recalled books that exist in numbers well below 500, there are books in the system available primarily as print-on-demand (like nearly all modern Heroic Publishing comics). On the other side, companies like Boom and Dynamite have turned increasingly to Kickstarters for major projects, and there are Kickstarters that fund books which are available well beyond and outside of the initial fulfillment.

I similarly sympathize with John_Potten’s desire for consistency. Part of why I use CLZ products and Comic Collector in particular is that consistency, and the ability to modify what I need in order to make things match whatever my quirky organization habits happen to be. And part of why I’ve joined this community and submitted additions and corrections is to improve that consistency for everyone else, because I know it’s a hassle to be filing or sorting a stack of books and hit a roadblock because something’s not in the system.

I’m going to continue adding Kickstarter-published comics to my database, because they’re on my shelves and in my boxes. And I don’t want to assume how much work it takes to add comics to Core from the developer end. But in light of CLZ_Alwin’s comment that “It’s not like there are thousands of users reporting missing kickstarters here,” I guess my inclination would be to go in the opposite direction. If it’s not that many people or that many books, then what’s the harm in including them? The benefit is that it makes Core more complete and reduces parallel work on the part of a bunch of users, some of whom are undoubtedly going to end up submitting missing KS books either on the forum or through the program because they miss the “no Kickstarters” notice posted here. They might not help a ton of users, but I know I was happy when I found that Earthward (1,503 backers), Old Head (633 backers) and Like a Virus (272 backers) were already in the system, so I didn’t have to do the legwork myself.

As I said, if it’s onerous to add them to Core from the developer end, then by all means, close it off. But I’m going to keep adding these to my database, and it’s not that much more work for me to copy-paste the what I’ve already written from my Comic Collector window into a forum post, and I’m happy to continue to do that if it’ll help someone else’s experience.


@CLZ_Alwin I share much tfoss1983’s sentiment.

This especially rings true.

‘And part of why I’ve joined this community and submitted additions and corrections is to improve that consistency for everyone else, because I know it’s a hassle to be filing or sorting a stack of books and hit a roadblock because something’s not in the system.’

The kickstarters I support are by more mainstream creators and also tend to get a retail release in a different format.

Currently, much of what I’m adding to the core is none kickstart older collections, but whenever I add a book I’m searching the internet to make sure what I’m adding in is correct. If I need to take a photo I’m editing it to look correct. It can take 20/30 minutes to get all that correct to submit. As tfoss1983 said we don’t know the work requirements on the CLZ end of adding something in, but on the flip side of that you have passionate users wanting to add stuff correctly for the good of the community.

Personally, I don’t understand why a Mark Jewelers advertisement would be considered a variant or why anyone would want to collect them. If I had one in one of my books I’d probably remove it and throw it out, but hey each to their own. I just feel the more complete the core is the better for everyone.

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@CLZ_Alwin i had to laugh this evening noting that 2 of the KS books in this chat, Persuasion, have been added to core as a request was made outside of this chat … and despite the poster clearly saying they were KS books!

So… so you want us to remove them?

Its absolutely not my choice, its yours, as i have said several times already.

Just saying if you make a decision, stick to it… consistency.