Ongoing series tab

I have an idea for a feature. A tab to select if a book is ongoing, limited series, mini series, to kind of accompany the complete and incompleted concept.

It would be nice to be able to sort by ongoing titles or just mini-series

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When you’re saying “tab”, do you mean like a field for a comic? Or for a series?

Where would you see this tab? And would it just be used for grouping your own series together into one of those?

(I would think maybe the “tag” field would work here?)

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I was thinking along the lines of the drop downs for imprint, or series group, some where to designate that type of book:

To your point, I guess a “tag” could work too. I was just curious

I’d be interested in seeing that too!
Having a tag to designate “One-Shots” and “Short Run(s)” and “Ongoing” sounds like a cool idea. I have a ton of one-shots and short runs for Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Sandman, etc.
It’s definitely not a “must” but would be great to see that optional tag associated.

But “ongoing” would be a property for a series, right? Not a comic?

Tags we can do ourself, I am thinking a drop down the same way we can assign a format or series group

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Correct, for a series. But if it is a one-shot, it would be for the comic. Similar to a drop down like series group, or imprint

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That’s how I understood it!