Organizing movies and sharing with others

Hi Guys - I added a box set of Looney Tunes to my movie collection. I appreciate each show having its own place in the data base. But there are 45 of them and they show up everywhere. How do I keep them from populating my movie list? How do I share my movies with others and keep the Looney Tunes available but not salt and peppered though out the shared list?


When adding a box set, found by title or barcode, you can choose between:

  • Add box as 1 entry
  • Add box as movies

using the two big blue buttons at the bottom right.

Add box as 1 entry:

Add box as 3 movies:

Thanks Alvin

I saw the box set thing but thought there might be another way. I had added this a couple of years ago. To be clear I need to… remove/delete all of the videos associated with the box set then add the box set back and select 1 entry.

Yeah you need to remove them and add the boxset anew with the correct button to get to where you want to be!