Organizing Wizard Magazine

I just added a bunch of Wizards to my app and it looked so messy. Here’s some suggestions and requests to maybe help it look a little better.

The title originally was “Wizard: The Guide To Comics”. The title currently in the app is pretty bulky, “Wizard: The Magazine Of Comics, Entertainment, And Pop Culture”. I think it would be better to use the original, smaller title.

Throughout the series there are multiple covers per issue. But sometimes there’s letters to distinguish different covers and sometimes numbers. There’s no consistency. I would appreciate if you went through and changed it to be the same (preferably letters).

Here’s some specific examples to fix:
#150 cover B is not in the app. It’s a Spidey cover.
#169 cover B is not in the app
#180 cover B is missing and the image for cover A is actually for cover B. Cover A is the Evangeline Lilly cover.
#183 has two cover B listings. Cover A is the Civil War cover. Cover B has the wrong image and is an Ultimate Alliance cover not pictured. Cover C is a Darkness cover.
#190 cover C has the wrong cover image

Thank you

This is going to be a big project. I have added this to our to-do list. Thank you for reporting.