Out of Date ISBN numbers

I recently tried to enter a book using the option “Add Book from CLZ Core” and the programme returned “Unrecognized ISBN”. The given ISBN number was 710015143 and assuming the ISBN system has been changed since 1968 when the book was published, I entered all the details of the book manually. If another user with the same book wanted to enter it, would the programme return the data that I entered?

If you want to add that ISBN with the details you entered to our Core central book database, you need to use Submit to Core (from the Core menu in your software).

BTW: that ISBN 710015143 seems to be missing a digit.
ISBNs are 10 digits OR 13 digits. Yours is 9 digits.

Maybe the full ISBN WILL be recognized?

Thank you Alwin, I never noticed that. I’ve submitted it now and I’ll make sure I do that in future. The number is correct, but it’s written as: SBN 7100 1514 3. Is that different from ISBN?

SBN stands for Standard BookNumber. It was developed in Great Britain and later changed into ISBN.

From Wikipedia:

An SBN may be converted to an ISBN by prefixing the digit “0”.
(By prefixing a zero, this can be converted to [ISBN]
the check digit does not need to be re-calculated.

When I search google for above (with the 0 prefixed) I get “Lectures on the History of Philosophy”. Is that the correct book?

In fact when I search for that ISBN in our software, I get the correct book:

Yes, although the correct title is “Hegel’s Lectures on the History of Philosophy Volume One”. My book has first published in England in 1892, reprinted 1955, 1963, and 1968 and the 1968 reprint is my copy with a different cover to that shown. I’ll edit the (I)SBN number to 0710015143 and re-submit to the CLZcore along with the other 2 volumes. Thank you for you help.