Overwriting Data When Importing CSV Files

Hi Folks,
I have a large music collection that I manage partly with MusicConnect and partly in Excel. I’m able to export data from MusicConnect and open it in Excel. I’d like to be able to make changes in Excel, then export and re-import it back into MusicConnect and have those changes overwrite the existing data in MusicConnect. I’m cool with lining up all the data fields; the issue is how can I keep MusicConnect from creating new records (without images and tracks). I just want it to match the imported, modified records with the existing records overwrite some of the existing data with the modified data. Can anyone help? Thanks!!

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Sorry, this is not possible. An import always ADDS extra albums, it is does not updates existing entries.

I must say though… this is collection database software, developed and tweaked and tuned over 28 years. In other words, it is software that was designed to work on large databases, to easily make changes.
It would be sad if it was necessary to export to Excel, make changes there and then re-import.

Have you considered making the changes INSIDE the Music Connect software?

Hi Alwin,
Thanks for your feedback. I appreciated your suggestion to look more closely at my workflow within CLZ Music, and found that I was able achieve most of what I was looking to do within CLZ, and then to export the results to Excel for printing. The key (for me) was discovering the “Artist Sort” field that’s available when exporting, which provided the needed flexibility for me to create the various physical catalogs I need.

A big part of my issue is that while I appreciate the ease of importing information from the CLZ Core, I often desire different attribute data, esp with respect to genres, and need to enter idiosyncratic information, as well. It’s a bit more tedious to make these changes in CLZ, but once I’ve done so, they do stay quite well.

So, thanks for both your guidance and patience!

I would recommend to use the Music Connect web-based software instead, so that you can use a big screen, a real keyboard and a mouse.

Definitely! And because it’s web-based, I actually access the database with my desktop, laptop, iPad and phone, depending on the use case. I’m grateful for the program’s robustness, and wish there were a similar program I could use for my general home inventory needs (i.e, with customizable categories and the like). I’m currently using the Mac app Home Inventory and Claris FileMaker, but neither is 100% what I want. I imagine a CLZ product built on your Music, Comics, etc versions could also get some uptake from folks who have enjoyed your other ones. The lookup aspect – an important feature of your existing products – would likely be missing, but the general “look and feel” (with the ability to import and resize thumbnails) would be awesome!