Overwriting Personal Value with CovrPrice Value

Quite a few comics in my collection are showing the wrong value. There’s a value entered in My Value that is showing up instead of the CovrPrice value. I haven’t intentionally entered any prices in as I’ve entered my books over the last couple years of using the app. I don’t know if the wrong value is due to a free trial of CovrPrice that I used a while ago and let lapse, then bought a subscription recently.

My question: Is there an easy way to delete anything entered in the My Value field for all my comics so the CovrPrice Value will overwrite them? Currently I am having to go into the Edit screen, Value tab and delete My Value individually for each one as I come across them.

In the new set up, the values in the My Value field will OVERRIDE the CovrPrice values, so before you can see CovrPrice values in your app, you need to REMOVE all old GoCollect values from that My Value field.

Here’s how to remove the old values using the Edit Multiple tool:

  1. From the Series list, choose [All Comics] to go to your full comic list
  2. Tap the checkbox icon at the top to enter Selection Mode
  3. Tap the ALL checkbox at the bottom to select all your comics
  4. Choose EDIT from the Action button menu.
  5. Select the My Value field there and proceed. Leaving it empty will CLEAR the values.

Here’s a video explaining how to remove values, by CLZ AJ.

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Alright! That worked great. And it makes sense. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but thank you for the help.

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