Performance db

I have been using Music Collector for some years now and found it invaluable. My admittedly modest collection is heavily biases toward classical music… like most people who collect recorded music it is only one part of that engagement. Clearly some of us are performers and more, I suspect, are live audience members. In that role we collect memories and programmes which line CDS, LPs and cassettes need organising. So I just wonder if there are others who like me would buy a dedicated db that would satisfy that need?

I can appreciate that, but if I wanted such a thing, I would just build a wiki on a webserver. This is pretty easy to do with most any CMS out there, you can even get linux distros where it is a two or three click install. [Just a suggestion]

Thank you. I think your approach is interesting but is probably a little bit beyond me as I do not use the.actvities you cite. At 87, with that bugger with the sharpened scythe steaming down the path behind me my motivation to learn how to use them is fairly slim. I have tried building one using a relational db worked reasonably well but was far from elegant. Also I thought the idea might give CLZ a potential new product but I am grateful for your reply. Super