play disc doesn't work

Hello everyone
I would like to use Music Collector to organize my MP3 collection and play the albums.
If I now start a track (play trac), it works without any problems.
If I want to start the album (play disc), I get an error: "…"cannot be opened. You are not authorized to access the file.
What am I doing wrong or which setting needs to be adjusted?

When clicking play on a full album, Music Collector creates an M3U playlist file (usually in Documents > Music Collector) and opens that.

It could be that Music Collector does not have enough rights to create or run that file.

Can you try right clicking the shortcut to Music Collector and run it “as an admin” - then see if it works?

Thank you for your answer.
Later, I found out, that it seemed to be a problem of Windows Mediaplayer. It needs the playlist file in the same place ase the music-files.
Using another player for m3u solved the problem.

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Old question here, but ‘…’ is a ‘hidden’ folder on the disk. I’m not sure why MuC is trying to fire your Mp3 player for it though, it doesn’t do that for me.

I have on occasion had to ‘program around’ it when I have written directory scanning routines. I never bothered to figure out why exactly, I just allowed for it by checking and ignoring it.