Please Add: Mad Love 2

Series Title: Mad Love 2
Issue Number: None Noted
Barcode: None
Variant Description: Cover A Virgin
Cover Artist: Ivan Talavera
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Variant Description: Cover B Virgin

Variant Description: Cover A Virgin
Cover Style: Full Metal Jacket

@Thwip we add comics but not artbooks. Can you let me know if this is an actual comic?
If it is an artbook I would advice to manually add it to your local database instead :+1:

I’m not 100% sure I know what an “art book” is, but I suspect that the above is an art book. It’s not like a traditional comic book, with a story and panels, etc. it’s a series of pages of various covers (art). However, if it is indeed considered an “art book” then it must be said, that there are plenty of art books in the CLZ app :wink: I know because I have several of them.

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I appreciate the reply, and yes, I understand your point.

About art books: it is a recent realization that our Core includes many entries for artbooks, some submitted by users, some included through our Diamond Previews feed. Some common ones, but most of them super obscure and not ever linked to by users.
So we made a decision to not include artbooks anymore and focus on actual comics.

You are of course still able to include them in your own database, and they will still sync to/from CLZ Cloud, with all the added information, including the cover art AND since our changes last year, EVEN with your own manually entered creator and character lists.
For your own usage, you get full functionality, EVEN if your comic is not listed in Core.

For clarity, we are fully aware that our Core still includes other artbooks. We may decide to remove all of them, OR we may decide to leave the current ones in Core and only apply our new rules to future submissions and reports. That too is up to us and we will decide on a case by case basis.

So again, we really appreciate your help with Core, but please respect our decisions on what to include in Core and what not to include in Core.

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