Please add the option "HDR10 & Dolby Vision" to the HDR-field

On the Edition Specs tab please could you add the option “HDR10 & Dolby Vision” to the field HDR, next to the options N/A, HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision? It appears that this list is not a pick list, as one would expect. Many UHD-discs today have both HDR10 ánd Dolby Vision.

Allowing to have “multiple” there is on our to do list indeed, so you can select HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Right now it is not possible I’m afraid.

(We expect to make it so you can choose multiple, not to add an extra entry that is called “HDR10 & Dolby Vision”)

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OK. I thought it could be a quick and simple solution to a request that I’ve made several times in the last couple of years, but apparently making this field a mulitple check box field appears to be harder than it looks. I hope that in the next release/update of your movie software this issue finally has been solved. More people are having this problem, as I see.

It may look like a simple change, but it is actually quite a project, as it requires changing:

  • Movie Connect
  • Movie Collector
  • CLZ Movies
  • the CLZ Cloud database
  • the CLZ Cloud syncing system

All different projects, worked on by different programmers.
This is not a quick local change we can just do and release, sorry.

OK. Thanks for your reply. Your data infrastructure appears to be a lot more complex than I had expected. I assumed you were using one central database and within that database one generic table for the field HDR, which then can be accessed by all the applications that need these data. In that case adding an extra value within the table would be simple. Apparently this is not the case, which makes adding fields or data indeed a lot more complex.

But still, all SOFTWARE editions would need to be modified, right?

Also, just added an extra value " “HDR10 & Dolby Vision” is a bad solution, that would definitely not work well, as you would not be able to filter all your HDR10 movies or all your “Dolby Vision” movies, because some of these movies would be in the “combined” option.

The real solution would be to make the field into a multi value field, that is, a checkbox list that would let you checkbox multiple entries.
And that is a structural database change, for the cloud database, for all client databases and a UI change for all client software too.

As I said, things may look easy, but sometimes they just aren’t.

I too would like to see the HDR field as a multiple choice option in Movie Collector too. As many movies do indeed have multiple HDR choices and I’m sure that the movie industry will come up with others in the future.