Please make movie list easier to read!

For example, I have a box set titled "Friday the 13th Collection: Deluxe Edition. Within that box set, there are 12 Blu-rays. When I click on one of those titles, it goes to a list of movies within that boxset.

The problem is that list only shows five of the movies within the box set. When I click “View all 12 movies” it shows me all 12 movies. But EVERY TIME I click on any other title within that list, it goes back to showing only five of the 12. I then have to press “View all 12 movies” AGAIN just to see the list of movies contained in the boxset.

When I try to read info on any of the movies within that collection it gets very tiring having to click on “View all 12 movies” every time just to see the list of movies within my collection.

Same thing happens with any box set I have that has over five movies in it such as my boxset of Nightmare On Elm Street Collection 1-7, Resident Evil: The Complete Collection etc.

Please fix it so I don’t have to click on any buttons just to see a list of movies I own within a box set.

Thank you,

When viewing a movie in the details panel that is part of a box set, you will have a short summary at the top with all other movies from that box set.

When you click on another movie in that box set, the page will load that other movie - which is a new page.

That means that anything you “expanded” to view all, will of course collapse, because it is a completely different movie you’re loading.

If you wish to see which movies are in your box sets, I would recommend clicking the folder button top left, and then group by “Box Set”. That will produce a list of box sets on the left hand panel, you can click on one of the box set folders, and see all movies in there.

I guess I didn’t make myself clear. There are times I all I want to do is click on all the different titles within the same box set to check the running time or some other such info within that same box set that doesn’t show up in any other results. Every time I click on a different title within that same box set I end up having to click “View all 12 movies” again and again and again.

In fact now that I think about it, I shouldn’t even have to click on anything extra to see a list of all the movies within a box set. I’m already there to see all the information about all the titles within a box set, why should anyone have to click on anything extra to see the whole list?

My suggestion is to simply let all the titles get listed/displayed within a boxset.

Why limit it to just five?

I’m only explaining that the reason why the box set area collapses is because you’re loading an entire new movie in your collection as I thought you were reporting a bug that it collapsed.

I then explained how you could perhaps view by box set folder. Might be a fun way to look at your collection!

I understand you’re now suggesting that “show all” will always be enabled. I’ve taken note.

I don’t have a specific reason as to “why” only allow 5 other than to save a bit of space because some box sets are very big, and then the layout would be… bad. In any case, I’ve taken note, we could perhaps increase it to 10, let the user set it, or just “always let it expand”.

That’s great! I was going to suggest possibly make it so I can choose if I want it to always show ALL or the regular amount (limited to only five) if someone wants it that way.

I have several box sets I’m just now going through. Another one I have is titled " Vinegar Syndrome’s Lost Picture Show" which has 13 movies! (I actually added a title they didn’t have listed called “Deep Inside Vinegar Syndrome.”

In any case, yes, that would be great if they could make a choice to always show ALL.

When I click through the titles, I have to constantly keep expanding so it will show all the other titles.

Now for something that might be a issues with the software. I have five copies (versions) of “Suspiria.” When I do a search on the upper right hand corner where it says “Search movies” all five of my Suspiria titles show up, but for some reason, only two of the five show those little image covers in the results. I’ve been noticing more of that recently.

Could you also check into that please?

Thank you!

This has now been fixed. Can you check?

Yes, works great now! Thanks for fixing that!

Each cover is different (of that same title) so I wasn’t sure what one to click on; now I do.

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