Power Hour #2 Shikarii "Nights" Variant

Hi Team,

Can we get Shikarii’s seventh naughty princess cover added. These are all variants for ‘Power Hour’ #2:

Shikarii “Nights” Close Up Nice Trade Dress (Ltd 100)

Shikarii “Nights” Close Up Naughty Trade Dress (Ltd 100)

Shikarii “Nights” Close Up Bad Girl Trade Dress (Ltd 100)

Shikarii “Nights” Nice Trade Dress (Ltd 450)

Shikarii “Nights” Naughty Virgin (Ltd 425)

Shikarii “Nights” Full Naughty Virgin (Ltd 400)

Shikarii “Nights” Full Naughty ‘Bad Girl’ Virgin (Ltd 375)

Each of the above also comes as a foil or metal edition, each limited to 25 per cover (you can re-use the same images as above).

There also two exclusives, I can’t find images for…:

Shikarii “Nights” Patreon / Whatnot Exclusive Nice Bikini (Ltd 100)
Shikarii “Nights” Red Sheer variant (Ltd 200)

I know these covers are always a big lift, so thank you!


These variants have been added. For now I am holding off on adding the foils and metals. I want to do another complete overview when more covers have released.

Sounds good - they have been released, and have pretty much all sold out: SHIKARII – Comics Elite