Price Increase For Movie App

33% Increase for the yearly subscription? I get it. Like so many other good subscription services you do it because you can. But don’t you feel even a little shame for exploiting your customer base?

Sorry to hear you see it that way.

The last time we increased the price of the app was almost 5 years ago. Since then, the app has seen many updates with new features and improvements. You can find em all listed here:

Also, remember the HUGE v9.0 upgrade we did recently?

Please note that there is a 12 man team here, working hard to continuously improve our apps and our online databases.


I dont mind the price increase, its still the best there is.


What is the price increase for Canadian currency?

For Canada, the yearly subscription for CLZ Movies is going to CAD $27.99.

So, to be clear… is this just for Movie Collector and CLZ Movie App? Not for Books/Music/etc? The email only mentioned Movie. Are the others expected to go up as well?

This is for:

  • CLZ Movies, Movie Connect and Movie Collector
  • CLZ Games, Game Connect and Game Collector

The CLZ Comics, Comic Connect and Comic Collector did already get the same price increase on Jan 1, 2024.

For now, the pricing of the book and music products will stay as is.

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Those are certainly good points but as a 4 month subscriber it is something of a shock.

Ah yes, if you just started using the app, then I can understand it is more of a shock.
I hope you will decide the app is worth it.

Probably. Your apps are in my rare category of “this is just what I wanted”.

When I log on to renew it shows $39.95 Canadian and the same for Books.
My subscriptions expire in October.
These apps are worth every penny but would like to know why the difference in price from your quote to the website?

I think you may be confusing CLZ Movies and Movie Connect. This topic is all about the CLZ Movies mobile app.
Indeed, the current yearly fee for the Movie Connect web-based software is CAD $39.95. That will go to CAD $55.95 on May 1.

I use Movie Connect on my iPhone iOS and was wondering if movie connect or CLZ is better?
No rush.
Enjoy the weekend

For use on iPhone, the CLZ Movies mobile app is definitely better.
Movie Connect is our solution for use on your computer.

Hate to bother you but will I lose any of my movies/books if I move to the CLZ from Movie/Book Connect?
Have a good weekend

Wasn’t that the point of a subscription to get regular updates. Is not like people purchased a stand alone copy almost five years ago.

No, the subscriptions are not for getting updates.

The main point of the subscription is to get access to our online services, like the CLZ Cloud syncing, but mainly the Core online databases.
Those Core online database are where our main costs are, on an ongoing basis. Keeping the database up-to-date with all weekly releases, improving the existing entries with better data and better images, payments for 3rd party datafeeds, etc…
(for movies, we are the only cataloging tool with an offical IMDb content license, remember?)

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Regarding the price increase…
Short answer; I have zero problem with this price increase! I would GLADLY pay double for this superior product!!
First off, I have a very large movie collection that takes up a small 10 X 10 storage space. So, I have utilized movie catalog programs since way back in the '90’s. Initially, I had all VHS’s. But, as DVD’s & Blu rays became more prevalent I replaced all my movies with them. And, of course, I always buy disks now. Why do I buy disks and have to worry about storage and catalogs??? Because, at least 20% of my library are all “out of print” movies now. Additionally, even though I subscribe to most of the major streaming services, the fact is, that you can never depend on a streaming availability of any given movie at any given time. When I want to watch/re-watch a movie, I want to watch it “NOW!” When the day comes that you can stream ANY movie and put it into YOUR OWN private library online, then there will no longer be a need for movie catalog programs. However, the nerds and IT gurus out there apparently don’t see the need. So, here we are with a catalog program. For many years I used DVD Profiler. It was a very serviceable program for my simple needs, but the partners got into some sort of legal snit and so in their battle with each other, they let the site go to hell. It still exists, but is not very serviceable. Plus, I had never been able to get a reply to any questions out of them. So, about two years ago I began looking for a new, more reliable program. I found CLZ. WOW!!! I have been blown away! I am VERY slowly moving my catalog over from my desk top copy of DVD Profiler to CLZ. No entity out there is as immediately responsive as these folks are! Just try to get a reply out of DVD Profiler or most of the other programs…forget it!!! When I realized what a fantastic and powerful program this was, I figured it was $30 bucks a month. Imagine my surprise to find out it was that for a whole year!! Are you kidding me?? So, anyone complaining about a 20 or 30% increase in a price that has not seen an increase in years, needs to go elsewhere I guess. Because they don’t know a true bargain! As I said in the beginning. I would gladly pay double or triple what this is costing now. It’s a HUGE bargain! There is NOTHING CLOSE TO THE QUALITY OF THIS PRODUCT anywhere out there!! I hope these folks that own and operate this site don’t go anywhere soon. I love this program! And, they are doing a bang up job of running it! Thanks to whoever you are, behind the scenes at CLZ!!!
Dave Lorenz

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