Pricing for Comic Collector Subscription Renewal

I received an email to renew my subscription. The email says,

Then at the top, under “Comic Collector”, select one of the payment options:
o Pay monthly, for US $2.95 per month (auto-renewing)
o Pay yearly, for US $29.95 per year

I don’t get that pricing. I get $39.95 renewal pricing. I’m confused. What am I missing?

I’m pretty sure the e-mail said that those prices were good until 1/1/24 at which point they go up to what you’re seeing.

I received the email - a pair of them actually - on 1/8/2024. I’ve since received a reply via the other support website and it’s an email error they have to fix. The price did go up the first of the year.

My apologies for the confusion. Those automatic “renewal reminder” emails have now been updated with the new pricing.
Thanks for reporting this!