Print to PDF Tool (larger images)

Would it be possible to allow users to define different sizes of image for the resulting PDF?

e.g. where there is currently an option to include ‘Cover thumbnails’, could this provide options of ‘Small’, ‘Medium’ or ‘Large’ images, where ‘Small’ = the current default size?

For more context, for some groupings of comics, it helps to have a hard copy visual list of what’s in a storage box & the current PDF images are a bit small.

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It is indeed not possible to set the size of the image for the PDF list export.

A bigger image would mean even less space for any other fields. Can I ask what you need a PDF with bigger images for exactly?

I have just moved from Comic Collector, to Comic Connect, and I had previously been able to customise extracts to PDF a bit more than Connect allows.

I had got used to producing print-out sheets that identified the contents of a storage box, so that I can see at a glance which variants I have for a specific comic book event, without rummaging through the box itself.

I may be able to put together something similar by taking screen shots from Comic Connect and importing these images in MS Word doc. I was just hoping that this might be an easy thing for your developers to build though.

Thanks for those images!

Would a PDF list as it is now with just bigger cover images be helpful, or would you rather see a generated PDF with images as in your last picture? (I’m assuming you’d also would like to see a series name on that and issue number, like… like the Card View in Comic Connect?)

Could be a cool new layout for the PDF export that Connect has.

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Any of those 3 options sounds good to me, with a preference for the Card View option. This is the view that I also find most helpful when viewing my collection on Connect & the CLZ phone app :heavy_check_mark:

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