Printable list?

I have been using CLZ apps for a few years now to keep track of my games, movies, comics and books, but I hope someone might have some advice.
I just moved and setting up my game room, I want to do inventory on my games and movies, being there are from time to time, some titles that arent initially in the system so i dont get to add them right away.
In the past I had printed lists off the CLZ desktop site, but its not the most user friendly and not the most printer friendly when you own 500+ games or movies.

Is there some way that I am missing from within the mobile app to create printable lists?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Tigg

Yes, you can print a list using the Print to PDF feature in your CLZ Cloud site.

Here’s how:

  1. First, in your CLZ mobile app, make sure your CLZ Cloud is up-to-date,
    by choosing “Sync with CLZ Cloud” from the menu.

Then, on your desktop computer (PC or Mac):
2. Go to your CLZ Cloud page (log in if needed).

  1. Click the menu top left and then click “Print to PDF”.

Follow the instructions there to set up your document as you see fit!