Printing list of albums

Yesterday I printed a list of all albums I had on the list. It skipped several pages. Is it possible to print just the missed pages? thanks

I am afraid it is not possible to print a range of pages.
But maybe you can select the missing list of albums in the main screen, then print that selection?

Good evening, this is my first time writing. I apologize but I don’t speak English and I am forced to use a translator
I have the same problem. I can’t set the pages. For example: the first page has 10 columns (10 albums or CDs) but the second page prints blank. It appears that the list title prevents the pages from aligning.
Thank for support

The easiest way I’ve found to print is to export the collection as txt and open it in Excel (or paste into Word then convert to a table).
By editing the new document (eg adding page breaks for each letter of the alphabet) you can easily print out either the lot or sections of it when a new release is added.

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Great idea! I hadn’t thought of doing it this way.

A good workaround is to sync your data to the CLZ Cloud, then Print to PDF from there.

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That’s actually what I ended up doing, printing a PDF from Music Connect. So nice.

Score for Connect!

You can print to pdf direct from Music Collector - just had a go.

Yeah it’s pretty nice, it has way more options to modify/layout your PDF document as well. Pretty cool feature.

in using the generate PDF list … regardless of which program being used, though I mainly use PDF from the CLZ cloud – is there an option to change the size of the image thumbnail that is generated in the PDF file?


Thankyou! This is a solution for me (Bobone).
Grazie mille per l’aiuto.