Problem with sorting

I have a Sort Order of Author, Box Set, Number Line. This has previously worked fine and previous entries by Author have sorted as expected. Today I have added stories in 2 box sets for the same author and the sort results are in the order Author, Number Line, Box Set even though my sort order shows Author, Box Set, Number Line. I have tried cancelling and re-entering the Sort values, but it still does not accept my requested sort order. Any ideas?

Can you show me some screenshot of your sort order settings, and the bad order of books in your list on Connect?

If you don’t know how to make a screenshot, here’s a page that explains how to:

Here are 2 images, the Poul Anderson one is correct (all stories in a box set appear together), the John Brunner one is incorrect (stories are mixed up because the box set part of the sort is being ignored).

Here is my sort order.

It seems there is a problem with box sets that do not have a “sort name” filled in. I have reported the bug so we can work on a fix.

For now, I went into your Manage Pick Lists, grabbed the Box Set list, and entered a “sort name” for “Not Before Time” and for “The Compleat Traveller in Black” - which seems to have fixed the problem for you.

That is of course a workaround, so you can fix this the next time you see this, until we can fix it.

Thanks for reporting this.

Thanks for that. It’s easy enough to work round for now.