Program adds author

I have many books by W.E.B. Griffin and the problem is the program adds William E Butterworth to the list of authors and then they do not show up under Griffin’s name so then I have to go into add a book and then delete the author. I would think there is a workaround. This happens with other books that have more than one author listed. Also, I’m on a roll how come books are added to my listing that I never put in it seems I go in and find authors that I have no interest in reading but there they are.

Let’s look into this, I am sure we can get this resolved.

First, which program are you using? CLZ Books, Book Connect or Book Collector?
Then, how/when does the program add this author?

I am quite sure the program does not spontaneously add books to your database. Is this about actual books being added or about authors?

I checked your Book Connect account and I see 15 W.E.B Griffin books at the top of your list that do not have any author listed. Then another 31 one of his books in his own folder.

I do not see an author “William E Butterworth” in your list.

Hi Alwin, I am using book collector on my desktop. It seems when Griffin was writing alone there was not a problem and then Butterworth started writing. Trust me when I say I have never added his name to the program. You are right Butterworth name does not show up anywhere except when you add a Griffen book and then your program adds his name. And as far as 15 Griffin books not having an author I would guess because Butterworth is listed as the author along with Griffen. I will go in a delete all Butterworth as author and the list will increase to around 40 books. As far as books being added to the database, I will send you some of them. Thanks.

But I assume you are adding books using the Add Books from Core screen?
So it could be that the “Butterworth” version of the name is listed in Core as the author?

No, these books are completely WITHOUT author. Not Butterworth, not Griffen, nothing.

Maybe you can send us your database file?
You can send me the file(s) via:

I went in an eliminated all Griffin books that listed Butterworth and one other author Andrews who helped write these books. Now my database shows only Griffin with 47 books. The strange thing your database shows these books with no authors listed. To answer your question I am using Add Books from Core screen. The other question is if Butterworth is listed in Core as having coauthored his books would you not have to enter his name in the author list? One other thing I see you have spelled Griffin with an E rather than an I could that be why he is not showing up? No idea? I will try and sent the file you asked for.

No, not my database. I am looking at YOUR database, in the CLZ Cloud.
Maybe you are not keeping your CLZ Cloud up-to-date?

No, it will come automatically when you add a book from Core. That is what the Add Books screen does, it provide you all book information automatically including the author info.

Where did I do that?

This is what I see in your cloud data, I see 18 books WITHOUT an author list, most of these (15 of them) seem to be WEB Griffin books:

I found those books that listed no authors there were 13 Griffin and two others I removed all of those books because they were already in the database. I have no idea how any books get listed under I believe it is called none. As of now, all is good.

When foldered by Author, they are listed in the [None] folder, because these books had no Author filled in.