Pull List sync?

I use CLZ comics on both my iPhone and iPad. I recently added all the titles from my pull list at my LCS to using the app on iPad but just noticed that the list hasn’t synced when I tried to look at my list using iPhone. My collection is syncing fine. Surely the Pull List is meant to sync along with all other data? I sure hope so.


That is correct, the pull list is a local “setting / favorites list” and does not sync through the CLZ Cloud currently.

This was on our ideas list for the Pull List feature, but due to the enormous complexity and costs of making this syncable, we decided not to do this (for now). We may still add this later though, if we can think of a good solution to do this!

Thanks for this reply and explanation! Obviously I’m a big +1 on working toward being able to sync them. I do most of my input on iPad, but often check and update on iPhone when I’m out and about. I guess I’ll try to fake it with tags for now.