Question about IMDB vote numbers

Now that IMDB is only giving rounded off numbers of total votes, like 3.4k, 129k & 1.3m, is there any way to have the program re-download the IMDB vote numbers beside re-adding a film.

I have looked on IMDB and can’t find where they give the actual numbers and since when I modify an individual film, usually after I watch it, I like to update the IMDB votes number but I dislike going from an actual number to a rounded off number.

For example, in my current collection in Movie Collector, I have The Terminator which shows an IMDB votes number of 910364. When I go to the IMDB page and look at the votes I see 917k. I still see the 917k even if I click on the IMDB rating.

Have you tried Update IMDb Ratings from the Core menu?

I thought their might have been IMDB update but couldn’t find it. Must have missed it.

Our system provides updated IMDb Ratings every day :slight_smile:


Pretty easy to update IMDB votes/ratings.

  1. Select All your movies or all you want to update.
  2. Right click and push the update IMDb ratings / votes button.
  3. Wait a few seconds and its done. I checked a few against the IMDb site and they look pretty accurate.


Thanks Roybo

After Alwin responded (thanks Alwin) I took another look and found it. Not sure how I missed when I went looking for.

It’s even easier, no need to select movies. Just click the CLZ Core menu and click “Update ALL IMDb Rating/Votes” there: