Question about the search function

This is about the main search located in the upper right corner of the app. It’s possible that i’m using it in a way that is not intended but when I search for an actor the result list doesn’t display all items.

A search for Tom Cruise results in 21 movies, and browsing through them his name is mentioned in all of them. But when i set Folder View to Actor and browse to Tom Cruise then he appears in 38 movies (which is the correct number)

By comparing the difference between the lists it seems that the main search gives results from the fields Plot, Crew, Tags and Notes (maybe some other fields as well) but NOT the Cast.

Would you consider to change the search function in future updates of the app to include the Cast field?

The way you describe, with the Actor folders and then using the search box at the top, that is actually the recommended way to find all movies by an actor.

The general search box top right searches multiple fields so will not give an accurate count. It should search the cast too though.

Thanks for the answer.

It doesn’t seem that the Cast field is included though because the movies thats missing from the search is the movies where Tom Cruise appears as Cast only and not in any other field.

By using logic a search in multiple fields (main search) should return a larger count than a search in a single field (folder view, Actor) especially if that single field is included in the main search. Something is not working as it should, maybe you could look into this?

Yes, I agree. I will check with the mobile dev team on the search fields.

Thank you.
I did some testing/troubleshooting myself (for the fun of it)

  1. Started a new collection
  2. Added 1 movie with Tom Cruise as an actor (Magnolia)
  3. Cleared all data from all fields except the Cast
  4. Searched for Tom Cruise in the general search, no result :unamused:
  5. Removed him from Cast, added him as a Director in the Crew field
  6. New search, 1 result
  7. Removed him from crew, added his name in various other fields and tried the search, 1 result.

My conclusion is that the general search doesn’t include the Cast field, the Crew field is included though. Hopefully your crew comes to the same conclusion and are able to fix this in future updates.

So on Android: The top right search seems to not search the Actor field correctly (and it should indeed search it). We’ve marked it up as a bug, and we’ll work on a fix. Thanks for reporting this!

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