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Rowdy, I’d like to continue our thread from Discord regarding the creator credits for Love is Love. I looked through the book and the list and found all the inaccuracies. Could you make these changes? If not I can do it and submit to core and I’ll let you know so you can apply them to the variants.

Cover Artist, Cover Colorist, Editor
all good. No changed necessary except remove the Cover Colorist from #1B since it’s a variant cover and different than the others.


  • Remove Francis Manapul
  • Add the following
    Ashely Victoria Robinson
    Dan Parent
    Dave Crosland
    Ellie Ann Lang
    Emma Houxbois
    Greg Fox
    Gulliem March
    Jeff Parker
    Jim Zub
    Justin Hall
    Marc Andreyko
    Mark Badger
    Paige Braddock
    Patrick Zircher
    Pedro Víllora
    Sina Grace

remove the two that are there and add Karl Kesel as the only inker

this is the complete list of dedicated colorists (people who didn’t also do all the artwork for their piece, if you want to show repeats between Artist and Colorist let me know and I can make a bigger list). Some are already there but there are many in core that should be removed:
Adriano Lucas
Andrew Dalhouse
Antonio Fabela
Bo Bradshaw
Brad Simpson
Brennan Wagner
Chris Sotomayor
Christina Strain
Dan Shadian
Elmer Santos
Gabriel Cassata
Giuilia Brusco
Harry Saxon
Jordan Boyd
Jose Villarubia
K. Michael Russell
Laura Allred
Leonardo Ito
Lovern Kindzierski
Mark Englert
Michael Garland
Michael Wiggam
Mike Atiyeh
Paul Mounts
Priscilla Tramontano
Robert Stanley
Taki Soma
Tamra Bonvillian
Tyler Boss
Yel Zamor


  • Remove: Jim Zub. Marc Andreyko, Rachel Richey

  • Add the following Arists
    Alejandro Gutierrez Franco
    Alvar Ortiz
    Austin James
    Brandon Peterson
    Chris Eliopoulos
    Dan Schkade
    Dave Acosta
    David Lafuente
    David Sexton
    Donna Barr
    Emily Smith
    Gabriel Bautista
    George Pérez
    Guillermo Mogorron
    Jason Shawn Alexander
    Jeff Krell
    Jesus Iglesias
    Jesus Merino
    Karl Slominski
    Kevin Richardson
    Marcial Toledano
    Max Vento
    Molly Knox Ostertag
    P. Craig Russell
    Paul Reinwald
    Pedro Rodriguez
    Peter Bergting
    Sagar Fornies
    Sarah Gordon
    Sean Von Gorman
    Stephen Byrne
    T. Chick McClure
    Vivian Ng
    Yıldıray Çınar

similar to Colorist I didn’t include any that also did the art and their own lettering. Let me know if you also want to repeat creators from the Artist section here and I can give a bigger list. Here’s the complete list of people that did lettering and not art:

Carlos Manguel
Chris Mowry
Corey Breen
Dave Lanphear
Deron Bennett
Dmyko Sienty
Ed Brisson
Elisa M. Coletti
JG Roshell
Janice Chiang
Jared K. Fletcher
Jim Zub
John Workman
Joshua Cozine
Ken Lopez
Mike Heisler
Neal Bailey
Russ Wooton
Ryan Ferrier
Saida Temofonte
Sal Cipriano
Steve Wands
Taylor Esposito
Todd Klein
Travis Lanham
Troy Peteri
Willie Schubert

You can probably remove all here since I’ve include them in Artist but if you do want a separate Penciller section remove these from the Artist list as set them as Penciller:

David Sexton
George Pérez
Iain McCaig
Jesus Merino
Jim Lee

Thank you again!

Regarding the colorists, please let me know the ones that should be removed only.


And I just added ‘Alvar Ortiz’ as artist but then later found out this probably is ‘Álvaro Ortiz’, who also already is listed as Colorist.

This only works if the information is correct. I don’t want to insert incorrect names.

I think this probably works best if you submit these as corrections through the software. Lets say only for issue #1A, for instance. We will then check, autoprocess them and make sure they get corrected for the other variants also.

Be sure to include the correct creators name please. Thank you in advance.

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That sounds like a good approach to me too. I’ll let you know when I submit #1A.