Re-ordering TV Series presentation


EDIT: Sorry, just realised I’ve posted this in the wrong section. It should be in Movie Connect.

Big movie fan and big fan of CLZ here. Have been using it for a few years. I now have upwards of 5000 discs and this software has made curating it all both fun and easy. Physical Media Forever!!

There are some aspects I’m still finding difficult to master. For example, related to the sort function:

As a Doctor Who fan I have created two separate ‘genres’ to list both the Classic series and New Who. I want to list my classic series DVDs in broadcast order and include the new Classic Limited Edition Blu Ray Collections within that genre, in season order.

I’ve tried numerous options within the sort function which I find a bit confusing but it keeps presenting the titles in a semi-random manner. By clicking on ‘Is series’ I can almost get them in order with a few exceptions. Is there a way of adjusting manually? Can you offer any help in this regard?

Many thanks and keep up the good work!


Using the folder option for “Series” would give you Series folders, where you can click on a Series and see all items you have that have that Series name filled in.

As for “sorting” (the order from top to bottom in which things appear), use the “AZ” icon to create a sort order.

You can use Title, or maybe Release Year to get them in a certain order. You can create a sort order that uses 2 or 3 fields even if you like.

Did you try using the AZ sort order button to create a sort setting yourself?

(It might help if you post screenshots of your sort settings, and the result you’re getting, and point out what is wrong or how you would like to see them ordered!)

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

By ticking (In the sort field) Genre + Series + Is Series I can ALMOST get the correct broadcast order, but a few still appear at the bottom of the list.

Namely Doctor Who: The Daleks, Doctor Who: Edge of Destruction and two of the Trial of a Timelord Stories (Both of which have their correct individual story titles listed in the edits field)

The properties in these stories seem to be the same for all other discs but stubbornly refuse to appear in the right place.

I’ve got round the problem of the blu rays by placing them in a separate folder

If you use the title sort like this it will

I am a bit confused, I’m not sure what the “edits” field is.

But sorting on “Genre, then Series, then “Is Series”” is a bit strange.

Note that sorting is the order from top to bottom in which items appear (or from left to right I suppose in images view).

Folders is a grouping thing, so all items with the same “Format” appear in the same folder.

Sorting (the order in which things appear) by Genre, then Series is a bit strange, you would then first get “All action movies” and within all Action movies you would get all “series” from A-Z. Then you would get all “Bollywood” (example) genres, etc.

Are we confusing sorting here?

I’ve checked your Connect database and it seems you’ve
“Foldered” on Format
and “Sorted” by “release year”

Yes, you seem to have honed in on the issue. I dont appear to have created any parent ‘folder’ or folders for my collection. Perhaps a schoolboy error when I first started using the software. Can this be rectified?

When I mentioned the edits field I was just referring to the edit option for individual disc entries.

Can you try clicking the folder button top left, and play around with that, see if you can create a folder structure that works for you?

This is the folder button:


When clicked you can set up your own folder structure
Maybe you can set up Format, then Series?

Thanks for the help so far!

Okay, I’ve played around with the Format/Folder button you pictured but I’m not seeing any way to add a folder or folders within that. Is that what I need to do? TBH I find this aspect of the interface layout less than intuitive here. What’s the difference for example between ‘Series’ and ‘Is Series’ ?

You need “Manage Favorites” here. That will let you create a new folder favorite with multiple levels of folder fields.

Series is the NAME of the Series, e.g. “Harry Potter”, “Lost”, “True Detective”. etc…
“Is Series” is a boolean Yes/No field that indicates if an entry is a TV Series or not.

The user interface here is as intuitive as it gets. This is an advanced part of the software and we tried everything we could think of to make it as easy as possible.

We made the “common” case, of using ONE folder level as simple as possible: just click the folder button and pick your folder field from the dropdown menu, e.g. to folder by Genre, open the folder menu, choose Genre, done.

But… grouping by multiple folder levels is a bit more complex, as you need to select multiple fields. So we decided to for a “Favorites” system here. Several favorites are built in as examples, like Seen/Format and Seen/Genres.
You can create your own “mulit-field” folder options using the Manage Favorites option. That option opens a screen that shows you all your folder favorites, you can edit, remove AND you can create new ones:


In this screen, tap the blue + button top right, then in the screen that appears, checkbox the fields you want as your folder levels.

Okay, many thanks for the explanation.

Ultimately would it not be simpler (perhaps some future update ) to have an option within each sub-folder to manually re-arrange titles and then lock that new presentation to that specific sub-folder?

The branching system requires a lot of (admittedly) advanced admin work making sure the details of each disc are consistent. I’ve noticed when using import barcodes this isn’t always the case right away.

personally, i didn’t bother with any of that, in order to get my who ones lined up , i just went to edit movie (right click on it) and put dr. who and a number (for instance an unearthly child would be dr. who 001) , in the title sort box. then when it sorts them , it always appears in the right order.

Indeed, the sort title field will allow you to force a certain sorting when sorting by title! Looks good to me :slight_smile:

Apogee UK / Molebasher,
Sometimes I use release year other times I use sequence numbers in the Title Sort. Best way I’ve found to do it.