Re-setting Auto Indexing

Just transferred from Collectorz Desktop to Music Connect with my CD database and noticed when adding a new CD the automatically applied index number is not incrementing from where I want it. Can this be changed? I rather not have to change each newly added album’s index number manually.

The index number will always +1 from your highest index number in Music Connect.
That can not be changed, unless you use “Re-assign Index Values” from the menu in your main screen, which will change all index numbers based on a sort field.

Before you do that, can I ask:
Do you actually use the index number for anything?

Yes. The Index number is actually the number I physically labeled all of my CD’s with, about 400+. Before I switched over to Connect from my desktop software, I had added some Christmas CD’s which I wanted to keep separate so had them indexed starting at 900. Don’t remember how I did it but now when I add a CD the index continues on from 9xx. I have the Christmas CD’s in a “collection” in the database which I now understand from your earlier replies to a question is NOT a good way to separate genres. So I am thinking of the best way to re-build the database now that I’m using Connect. Hope that all makes sense :crazy_face:

I might add that I was using another music database before they went out of business and suggested Collectorz years ago. I had already had the CD’s numbered in that database and when converting to Collectorz used the index number as the unique labeling number.

Ahhh so the Christmas CDs are the culprit!

You could also change the index of the Christmas CDs to something lower (in effect making duplicates) and putting in the Notes that they’re “Actually index 900” or something.

That way you don’t have to re-do all… unless we’re talking 100s of Christmas CDs of course.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think re-indexing is done on a selectable field. Index is one of the fields selectable under Personal. If I put my 900-913 index numbered CDs back in the main database the last index number being 407, and then re-indexed them all based on the selectable index field, wouldn’t they basically keep the original index numbers EXCEPT for the newly added 900-913 CDs which would then be indexed starting with 408 onward?

Yes, that is correct. That should happen indeed when re-indexing using the “index” field as sort option.

Create a backup first!
I would recommend to first click menu top left, then go to Maintenance, then Backup/Restore and create a backup - just in case it messes up so you can go back.

Success! Transferred xmas cds back to the main database. Backed it up. Re-indexed on the index field and they all are now still in the original index order with the xmas cds added to the end with their new numbers :grinning:. Thanks!

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