Read: Yes | No | Reference?

Having a binary Yes|No for Read status means that my statistics get skewed by all of the reference books (dictionaries, commentaries, concordances, etc.) in my library. Should adding a “reference” option (ie don’t count this one in the statistics) be an enhancement, or have others found a way around this?

One obvious way is to have a separate collection for all the reference books, but are there any other approaches that work well?


Not sure if adding “Reference” to the “Read it?” box would be a good solution here.

This would’ve been my go to reply on this question.

What also works, but maybe you won’t like it, is to set the quantity of the book you dont want to count to 0.

That will exclude it from the “Read it” statistic, and it won’t count it for either read it “yes” or “no”.

Same goes for setting such a book to Collection Status like “not in collection” or “wish list”.

Maybe that’s something you can work with?

Agreed, having a third status for dictionaries etc would be a vast improvement.

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