Rear covers and Syncing with CLZ cloud

If I add a new album via the Core and it has a back cover I tend to delete the rear cover before saving the entry to my database. This is fine, however when I sync with CLZ Cloud on my iPad or iPhone the rear cover reappears on those devices. To delete them from those devices I have to delete the rear covers, Synch with CLZ Cloud again then do the same thing on the next device until they are all gone. It’s not that much of an inconvenience but if you could look into it at some point I would be grateful.
Thank you.

Hi @KeithieW , indeed, the sync doesn’t handle this… as one would expect.

For now, what you can do is disable back covers completely in iPad/iPhone.

Open the app, open the menu top left, go to Settings. Scroll down and uncheck the “download back covers” box.

From now on it should work just fine.
Let me know how that goes?

Thanks for your reply. On my iPad and iPhone I have now turned off the Download back covers. This is OK and I will carry on with that.
However, I find it interesting that before, if I added a new album from the core then deleted the rear cover and CHANGED the front cover, Syncing with the cloud on iPad/iPhone will display the NEW front cover but also show the rear cover that I deleted.

Good to hear that will work.

Yes it’s a bit of a bug indeed, and I’ve taken note. Thanks for reporting this!