Recent Key Update

Hi Team,

I noticed a few things in my recent key update that I wanted to call out.

Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 5 23C/D
This isn’t a cover by Adam Hughes, and as much as I love Nakayama and this cover :stuck_out_tongue: it might be a bit early for an ‘Iconic’ call out.

Uncanny X-men, Vol. 1 286I
Somehow the key for the variant reprint got re-added. This isn’t the original Jim Lee cover, so shouldn’t have the key.

Origin of Punchline
Can we get a ‘Key Category’ of ‘Origin’ added to these?

Major Keys on reprints/facsimiles
Just wondering what the rule is on major keys on these? I thought they were down graded normally to a minor?

Thank you!


We have performed a big database update today, changing the structure of the database in major ways.

We already found that something went wrong with cover-related key designations, these seem to have been incorrectly copied to all variants.

Looking into this now.

The problem has been resolved now.
If you Update Keys again, you should get the correct data.

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Amazing - all fixed! :slight_smile: Thanks Alwin