Relase Date question

I have noticed that when a movie is added to my collection it is added with just the Release Year listed. After I have watched a movie, I go and tweak the information regarding the movie, include adding the Month and Day the movie was released.

When I save and close the Edit Movie box, the year is the still the only part of the release data that shows. Is there a setting I can update to show the Month and Day of the release?


Same question regarding the Box Sets:



Probably due to different countries = different dates see (top gun maverick)

That’s possible. However, since I updated the release date manually, that date is what I want to see, if possible.

You’re asking if you can see the full release date in the details panel.

I see you also posted a screenshot of the “box set summary” bit at the top of the details panel.

In short: it is not possible right now to show the full date in the details panel in Movie Collector on Windows.

On Connect, it is possible: in fact when you fill it in, you will see the full release date in the details of the movie - but not in the “box set summary bit”.

On Connect it would like like so:

Thanks for the update.