Relogging My Collection Based On Storage Bow

So I’ve been trying to alphabetize all my comics, which is a gargantuan task I’m finding, making it almost impossible to find any books.

I’ve been thinking about clearing out the CLZ data on my local app (synching with the cloud first of course) and re-uploading them based on the storage box they are located. Does anyone think this is abad idea and might you have a better idea?

Honestly, I feel it depends on the size of your collection. I store mine alpha-numerically and always have (Though some arguments with the App as to what goes where have come up.). Yes, the initial sort is time consuming, but ultimately I feel it makes things easier to find in the long run (I’m not trying to figure out something like “Oh, so-and-so made an appearance in this book, do I store it with the books arranged by that book’s main character or in my box for this particular character?”).
Plus you won’t have to chase down story arc in seven different boxes unless they cross multiple titles and things like that.
Your mileage may vary per your own needs however.