Remastered albums - release date vs original release date

Howdy all. Am enjoying the free trial of CLZ Music and am considering subscribing. However, I see one glaring problem for me. Maybe I’ve missed something, but I cannot see how to get from the Core the original release date of an album when I add a remastered version. For example, I have purchased a 1990 remaster of Supertramp’s Crime of the Century. I also have a copy of the 1975 original pressing. I note that the remaster gets listed as ‘1990’ in release date (correct), but the original release date or recording date is not refreshed from the Core - it appears you have to manually enter the dates. Is this correct, or is there a way to automatically have the respective original recording/release date fields filled from the Core. Otherwise, there’s going to be a lot of manual entry. Thanks in advance!

Hi @dinky224, good question!

I’m afraid our Music Core database only has 1 release date for an album. The “original release date” is not one that can come from Core - so if you come across one where you would like to fill it in: you have to do it yourself indeed.

Thank you!

For what it’s worth, I usually just find the album on discogs to get the original release date and fill it in manually.

Yep, agree - there are probably only a few dozen - I’ll just have to do it manually. Thanks all for responses!