Remove Collection - Bug?

I posted this query in the Music forum, but none of the replies solved the problem, so I will try again.

For testing purposes, in MuC (Windows), I

  • Created a new collection
  • Added several CDs
  • Synced with Cloud.
    Everything was perfect.
    I carried on testing and then, when I had completed my tests I
  • Removed all the CDs from the Test Collection (Windows)
  • Deleted the Collection (Windows)
  • Resynced
    Everything worked fine in Windows, but in Cloud, although the CDs had disappeared (as expeced) the Collection tab remains, and clicking on it shows a valid, but empty, Collection. How do I get rid of this tab?
    NB: I am using Cloud (non-editable) rather than Connect (editable) so there are no menu options in Cloud to delete the collection

This is normal behaviour, or to be more precise, a known issue that would be very hard to resolve, so we decided to keep it this way.
In the CLZ Cloud data, empty collections are not automatically removed when syncing.

I can remove the empty collection for you if you want.

No thanks. Leave the Collection where it is. I can cope :smile:

I have this problem, too. I want it RESOLVED! Fix the darned bug, Since you worked so hard to kill the computer database software, I expect MORE from you since I’ve started working with the cloud software!!!

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I don’t follow, If you have the Connect web-based software, you CAN remove a collection.

I see you are subscribed to the Music Connect web-based software, so just go to the menu and choose Manage Collections.

I swear to God I looked and looked everywhere, on that screen, to see where to delete a collection (database PC) and I couldn’t find it yesterday. Duh.

Jared S