Remove Collection from Cloud

I created a new Collection in MuC for Windows for test purposes and added a few CDs.
I synced to Cloud and everything appeared there.
I then removed all the CDs from Muc Windows AND deleted the collection, and resynced.
On Cloud, the CDs have been removed, but the Collection has not.
I can obviously Clear Clz Cloud and resync, but that seems way over the top simply to remove a single tab.
Is there and easier way of deleting the tab?

If you go to “Manage Collections” from the menu you can delete the empty tab from there.

Manage Collections in Cloud does not include that option. It probably does in Connect (which I do not have), and it certainly does in Muc and Mobile - I can remove the Collection from there. But syncing does not remove it from Cloud.

Where are you looking to see your collection in Cloud?

In two different browsers (Chrome and Vivaldi on my tablet) and also in Vivaldi on my Windows computer.
Clicking on the hamburger (bottom left) shows a list of my collections but no other options.
NB Although Vivaldi is tied down as much as possible for security purposes, Chrome is not - precisely so I can double check whether my security is causing problems.