Removing/Adding buttons to the toolbar

Well done, and have a good start.

Here below is an image from my top-left corner.

I want to delete the possibility of ever syncing with the core.

Can I cancel this button?

Hi KPrigkipakis, welcome to Club CLZ!

The button you’re mentioning is the “Sync with CLZ Cloud” button (not Core, as that is our online database)

To remove (or add) buttons to your toolbar,

  1. Click menu View > Toolbars > Customize.
  2. Click/hold and drag the sync button AWAY from the toolbar, let go, and it will be gone.

Here’s a video where you can see it in action:

Super, it worked fine.

But, where do you find buttons, if you want to ADD them, for example ?


Good to hear that worked.

As for adding buttons to the toolbar

Note that this is a bit of a finnicky process, some buttons are there but will not do anything. So only use this if you know what you are doing, and know what you want on the toolbar.

Here’s how:

  1. View > Toolbars > Customize
  2. CLICK the “Commands” tab.
  3. Under Categories: select the category you need.
  4. On the right hand side find the buttons you wish to add!
  5. DRAG the ones you want to your toolbar on the main screen.

Check this video to see how to do it!

The video above shows you how to

  • Reset the toolbar to start from scratch
  • Add a button to the toolbar
  • Remove a button from the toolbar.

You can only drag the icons next to (or between) other icons in the toolbar.


I have my Movie and Music collection stored in various location and that location is listed using the “Personal” tab under “Location” option. How can I add this to the toolbar so that I can easily just click and find what I have in each movie or album?

Have you tried using Location folders instead? Tap the folder button top left then choose Location as the folder field. That should give you a folder list of all your locations on the left side of your screen.

Thanks. Just created a new favorite so that I could see the location. works now

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Sorry friends

I followed the video.

The REMOVE works fine, the ADD does NOT work: No buttons will be dragged from the Categories into the main screen.

Any more ideas?

Make sure you drag/drop the items in between other icons. Or really close to the add button.

Or “RESET” the toolbar View > Toolbars > Reset first (getting back your sync icons), and then try to add a new button via View > Toolbars > Customize between the existing buttons.

The system is a bit finnicky and it is very particular about where you drop the icon. It won’t work if you just drop it on the right hand side/middle of the toolbar, it has to be between other buttons, or Really close to an existing one.

EXCELLENT! Thank you.

The “workaround” you suggested was used to ADD the buttons on the screen (close to an existing one)!

Have a good day.


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Why would you not want to sync with the cloud?

I use the companion CLZ movie app on my phone to help me avoid duplicate movie purchases. It probably paid for the software.

Only problem with the cloud I have is uploading from the cloud. NEVER upload from the cloud to Movie Connect on your PC as it can adversely change things for you.

FYI you can control the things included from the CORE when adding/updating movies by editing the Core settings.

Hi friend

I do not know if you are addressing this to me, but I will respond anyway.

I work on CLZ over 3 platforms, a Dell Desktop, 2 DELL XPS13, and my SAMSUNG S21.

A few years back, I had accepted to work with the CLZ cloud and suffered a MAJOR disaster (by uploading/downloading data into these different format PCs). At the time there was a programmer in CLZ, Mr. deJONG and he helped me -after a 4-hour teleconference!- to salvage my DataBase.

After that day, I work only local!

Have a good day.

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