Replacing 'User Defined fields'

I understand that any fields that I have defined myself in Book Collector can’t be transferred to Book Connect. I have a ‘Sequence Number’ field that I use to place books within an Author in a specific order that is not Date because I like to store series of titles together irrespective of when they appear chronologically. I then have a Sort set up which is Location, Author, Sequence. Can I replicate this in some way if I move to Book Connect?

Maybe you can use the Issue field?

Yes, that’s a possibility, I don’t think I use it at the moment.

I have used Number Line as this doesn’t appear on the Details page whereas Issue does.

If that number line works for you that’s great. The number line should appear on the details panel though, all the way at the bottom under Details:

Yes, but from my point of view, it’s not in full view like Issue was.

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