Request An Album?

Is there a way to request albums that are not in the data base?

If your album is on (which it usually is), then you can probably download it from there by searching in the Add Album screen by Barcode or By Catalog Number.

Have you checked

I do, but how do I add it to my collection?

In the Add Album screen, search by Barcode or by Catalog Number.

I am still confused. I have added over 650 albums to my collection, but there are a few that never show up on the database. Here is an example - the album is Discovered & Covered - the ISBN is 803020259119. Here it is on Discogs:

I am sorry, but can you help me understand how to do this - sorry.

Have you tried searching by that barcode?

Yes and it says that the barcode is not recognized and wants me to add it manually. So I am wondering if there is a way to not enter it manually.

Mmm that is strange indeed.

When this happens to me the only way to get an LP entered is to enter it by clicking the tab to enter it by artist & name od album. That must be manually entered. It’s no big deal.

Good luck

I was able to find this album by 803020259119 on the Catalog Number tab.

So can you try “Catalog Number” tab search again, fill in 803020259119 there, and search?

Yes that worked! And it worked for the other albums I couldn’t find!
Thanks for the help!!!

I just found your album by searching on the barcode value and it came up fine in MuC. On that album the manufacturer has used the barcode value as the catalog number both. Which is why searching on catalog number worked. But I don’t know why barcode search didn’t work before but does now.

That’s highly likely because when it is found/added through Discogs catalog number, it will later make its way to our database, with the barcode put in the barcode field, so now you can find it through our barcode search!

Anyway good to hear you were able to find it now!