Resolution drop?


I noticed today that comics in the main view are suddenly all a bit blurry, but are nice and sharp in the details panel. Has the resolution dropped or is it just me?



tighter, side-by-side view:


They still look nice a crisp on mobile.

We indeed changed something there today.
We discovered a bug today, we found that this Vertical Card view was using high res images, whereas it should have been using our medium size thumbnails ( for performance reasons).

So we fixed that.
This view should be loading a lot quicker now.

Will think about this, maybe we can find a better trade-off between quality and performance.

I am impressed that you noticed!

Thank Alwin - would it be possible to make it a user setting? It used to load super fast for me, never had an issues. And my collection doesn’t look as pretty now :frowning:

Sorry, I don’t think this should be a user setting.
The resolution of the images affects our server performance and costs, so it is something that we would like to be in control of.

Can I suggest that maybe you look at the compression you are putting on the images then? It’s really a sharp drop in quality. The mobile experience is far better.

Actually, I think this might be a sizing issue. I’m seeing the actual size of the ‘medium size’ thumbnail being 175x114 - which is stretched and displayed at double that size on screen, which is causing it took look blurry and pixelated.

The current quality looks fine in the shelves, covers, and horizontal cards views - it’s just the vertical cards (which happens to be the view I use) where it looks terrible.

Wait, that is strange. Because those shelves, covers and horizontal card view have always used the medium size thumbnails.

I checked, and both are using the same size images: 230x350 px.
That is, on retina screens.

Can you check the actual size of the images that are used in your Covers view and the Vertical Card view? Are they the same or different?

The mobile apps just use the large images, as these are local on the device and do not have to be downloaded over the internet.


You bet - I just checked and every view is using the 114x175 image size, which at actual size looks good.

3a_895185_0_AXEJudgmentDay1J (3)

The views for Covers and shelves display that image at actual size. However the vertical card view displays that image at roughly 153x235 - stretching it.


What kind of device and browser is this on?

Chrome on a Mac.

Same here.
Must be retina vs non-retina then.

Will check into this with a developer tomorrow.

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Thanks Alwin - I appreciate it!

Any update on this one @CLZ_Alwin?

Yes, I have discussed this with the developers and we are thinking about increasing the resolution of the medium thumbnails to the so-called “2X” versions for all screen types. We are currently using these only for retina screens.

Should be a quick fix, but we have not gotten to it yet.
Will get that done tomorrow.

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This has now been implemented.


Looks sooo much better - thank you again to you and the team!