Returning to prior artist

I’ve moved my database completely over to Music Connect, and am re-doing/revising all my entries from the beginning (nearly 2400!). Currently in the “C’s”. When I revise an album, either linking to the Core, or making a completely new entry, after I’m done, the list reverts back to the very beginning of my database, rather than where I left off. Is there any way to avoid this hassle? Its not so bad scrolling from the beginning to get to where I was in the Cs, but the further I get into the alphabet, the more of a job it will be to scroll to where I left off. Any help would be extremely helpful! Thnx!

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Currently indeed the list can scroll back to the top after editing. That can be a bit annoying, but we’ve not been able yet to fix this. Definitely on the bug list though.

For now it might be handy to use the alphabetbar at the top. If you click the little settings button on the right of the Z button, you can change it to work on Artists (instead of album titles), then click the C, so you only see “C” artists. Might save you some scrolling for now!

Thanks AJ; will just have to bear with it for now I suppose.