Revert to Movie Collector

I’ve just taken you up on your offer to move from Movie Collector to Movie Connect but on having a look around on it, it isn’t for me. I’d like to revert my subsrciption to the desktop software.
Can this be done, please?

Sure, we can switch you back.
But… maybe give it some more time first. Movie Connect really is the way to go.

Why do you think “it isn’t for you”?

Thanks for the quick reply Alwin.
I am very happy with the desktop software and have added a lot of information from other areas apart from TVdb and IMdb to my collection.
This data does not appear to be shown in the web based software (that I can see) such as individual dvd info for boxed sets.
I may come back to the web version in the future but in the meantime I am happy working on the desktop (with its limitations)

Looking at what CLZ provides in data, and that is transitive to what is then visible in the CLZ Mobile version, too much data is lost and relevant elements, like both front and back images are missing.

This is not a viable option for properly moving forward with a collection data base in excess of 2600+ entries, that is far from complete as it takes time to properly document information, given the level of bad information a UPS search provides and does nothing for foreign content like that from Japan.

Since all versions are now a SaaS, it is not acceptable that effort is stopped working on the desktop edition to ensure advanced features are available, when the web versions are not worth the effort of using, and provide problems with browser data theft–not that it can be avoided when syncing with CLZ Mobile is really only available via the CLZ path.

Where is the effort to really support collectors or is that lost in some other objectives that no longer reflect the original target audience?

As a user of all 5 products, desktop and mobile, where mobile is only for quick reference during shopping opportunities, I’m very disappointed in the direction Collectorz has gone. I don’t need an IMBD alternative, I need a way to manage my collection of > 10,000 items across my different media types with books, music, and movies being most critical.

Which data exactly is missing?
Individual DVD info box sets is of course supported.

There must be a misunderstanding. Of course front and back cover images fully sync to Connect!

Please let me know EXACTLY what Movie Connect is not providing that you need.
We still fully support collectors with Movie Connect.

I must say I am sad that after all the work we put into Movie Connect, to bring it up to par with Movie Collector, there are still so many misunderstandings and wrong assumptions about it.

  • of course Movie Connect fully support using your own custom images for Front and Back covers
  • of course it lets you enter full DVD details
  • it also lets you add or enter your own cast and crew information

There is very little difference in terms between Movie Connect and Movie Collector, in terms of fields, functionality and customizability. And, in terms of user interface, ease of use, Movie Connect is even miles ahead of the old desktop software.

If you are going to criticize Connect, then at least make sure you know what you are talking about, by trying it for a while and making an effort to get used to the different setup and UI.

This is an example.

My desktop software has titles and plots against each of these episodes as well as which DVD from the box set they are on.

Another example is the box set for the TV series Are You Being Served. This is listed as a box set of 12 discs. It has the titles as I put them into the desktop but has them down as a list of 80 episodes. Each episode had its own plot but this has been lost in the web version.

In both cases, the list of episodes is not editable.

I am not criticizing the work the team has put into delevoping this software. I actively use both your book and movie dbs and am very happy with them but I have spent a lot of time customising/checking downloads from the core.

I have to congratulate you, you managed to instantly run into one one the niche areas where Movie Collector allows more data customization:
the custom editing of episode lists.

If that is essential to you, then yes, I am afraid you are stuck at the desktop software for now :frowning:

Does this mean it will ultimately make it to Connect?

Yes that is planned.

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I guess many of us Movie Collector users share the same fear. The fear of the unknown.
I must admit that I am fearful of losing the many 100’s of hours of data entry, tweaking and making the software my own. Tedious yet fun as well. And the fear of getting stuck with something subpar than to what we currently enjoy.

Alwin do you have a functionality & customizability comparison chart or something of the like that clearly shows us all of the the differences between the software’s? Might be a beneficial factor for users to decide upon change. Something like this random one I googled.

I intend to give Movie Connect a try soon but feel that a 7-day visit may not be long enough to give it a fair evaluation. Maybe a 30-day trial period for current paid & long-time users might be a better way to get us more comfortable?

I must say I’m a little sad to see that CLZ is moving away from dedicated personal software and in the direction of a full online business endeavor, but it’s the way of the future. I get the economics and control of this type of business model. I’d be doing the same if it were my business.

I also understand that you are also trying not to alienate your old-time users and rather indoctrinate us to the wave of the future. Indeed, it is a tough road of change. But consider a longer trial and a variance chart to uncomplicate the differences as a means to get us there and a means to voice our needs and wants to help us along the road.

I’ll be adding this to the M.Collector forum too.

Sorry for the long rant :wink:


Hi roybo,

Thanks for your feedback.

Quick comment: having seen your posts here on the forum about how you use Movie Collector, I can 100% guarantee that Movie Collector will not work for you :slight_smile:
So hopefully that will save you some time. Don’t worry about it, just keep using Movie Collector.

I am hesitant to do so, because that puts the focus on features too much.
Regardless of the feature set, I am confident that Movie Connect is better software for most users, simply because of the web-based platform. The advantage of working web-based are plenty, both for the user and for us.

There is short piece in our “Trade-In Offer” page:


Movie Connect is not going to work for you, if you:

  • need to catalog and link to movie files on your local computer.
  • need to customize or manually enter episode lists for TV Series.
  • need User Defined Fields (consider using Notes and Tags).

Those are the main points. But there are smaller differences, one of which is the customizing of pick list images (which I know you do a LOT).

I guess many of us Movie Collector users share the same fear. The fear of the unknown.

There is no need for fear. Movie Connect is not “the unknown”. You can easily try it for free for 7 days. If you want to try for longer, just subscribe for a month or longer and use it next to Movie Collector.

Please don’t crosspost, I have removed the other post.

I have the same fear of loosing movie collector. I’ve been using movie collector for years. I have also been trying movie connect for a least two years, I appreaciate movie connect getting better, but the customization is far from what movie collector can do. I have many years and hours customizing the way I want and would hate to lose that. Yes for me the main thing is I can’t catalog and link to movie files on my local computer. Another thing I hope gets better is the actor images in movie connect. There is so may missing. With movie collector I can either link them to a picture on my local computer or link them to a online image address.

Thanks, John

OK. Can you please revert my subscription? I ssume when this is done, I can just download from my account?

No problem, I have switched you back to Movie Collector now.
Yes, you can download the software from your account at